moving on

Mermaid- part 2fw_12a

The world as she knew it had changed after 600 years. It was upside down and the mutation that had taken over was extraordinary. It was not just she who had gone through changes; the rest of the world had changed with her. Not all were mermaids some had the head of a hippogriff with their faces imprinted upon the head and the lower limbs of a hen while others the body of an eagle while their head remained intact and many more such grotesque figures. The world was under the sea and it was too crowded without a space to move. Her house was shared by many unknown people. At a corner on a raised platform she saw the most horrifying sight of her parents stuffed into a box and doing a performance for the rest of the members. Her mom and dad had their faces but had deformation in the form of a body of a gorilla and a koala respectively.

That triggered her nerves; she closed her eyes and prayed for it all to be a dream. She felt herself rising and falling on something, she left a breath of relief; she was back in her bed. But she opened her eyes to find herself where she had been earlier but now a bit more nearer to the case that held her parents in a wide sofa. Sitting next to her was her biggest rival at school, Welda. Her face was imprinted upon that of rat and her body was that of an octopus. But worse than that was her attire similar to those of Emma’s in Jane Austen’s books. Her eight legs hanged loosely under the dress.

Are you enjoying the show dear? She laughed aloud, her evil laugh reverberation across the walls. “You better learn, they might not be there forever to hold it, they will grow tired, but they’ll still perform until they die”. Her face held anger and then suddenly she gave the girlish smile and continued in that girly accent like that of Umbridge’s in Harry Potter “then you can take their place, till then enjoy”.

Suddenly there was a commotion and her elder brother came running onto the dice,in diapers with legs of a ostrich and with a stone, he probably meant to out run his nemesis to his parents and break the glass. Something went past Naomi’s face and the next moment her brother was struggling inside Welda’s outstretched legs, Naomi realized that Welda can extend her arms as much as she wants, she saw her brother was being choked to death and she could see that he was in his last moments of struggle and she had to rescue him.

She realized what was happening; she was facing it at last, she couldn’t run away anymore, there was no book she could take and start reading. Her brother, an army officer and always a topper, one could guess the result of that, which is what led the distance she held from her parents. The world she knew was forcefully torn away from her after 10th, it was so quick that she couldn’t even say goodbye. This new world with many who would go on ignoring her, they will keep on looking at her like she’s weird but there were people as weird or actually who thought like her, she can never be a part of this world and can never forgive her parents for moving her to this, but it was time she accepted them and moved on, because this is no more a nightmare, it has become a reality.

She took as much might as she could  and slapped Welda with her tail, this distracted her and she lost control of arms as some them grew while other shrunk and all these flew around wildly knocking out a few while others dived. Naomi outstretched her wings, for a moment every head turned to see her wings that was a mix of purple and blue while silver strands of lines passed in between, they stood there for a second gaping at her long, wide beautiful wings, then all were knocked off by the wild arms of Welda who was turning from pink to a dark green colour. Naomi closed her wings, dived toward her brother, picked him up, stretched her wings and flew towards the case and broke the glass with the stone in her brother’s arms. Her mother picked up her father and ran toward a road with a signboard that read exit. Just before she closed the door Welda had an outburst and black liquid came out of all the pores of her legs. Naomi saw the entire room choke to death a bit of the liquid entered the other room and she felt it, the burning sensation, everything around her was dimmed, with her last bit of energy she closed the doors to Welda and then she fainted.

Naomi woke up and saw that she was back in the world she despised, used to despise, now she had embraced the fact that this world is going to remain horrible how much ever she sulks about it, so it’s better to enjoy those tiny moments where it’s not so horrible and eventually it will turn out durable.



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