On the day that she woke for the first time in 600 years she discovered that she had a mermaid’s tail instead of legs and wings instead of hands and then she went 600 years back in head to see what happened.

Year 2016

Naomi was a voracious reader; she would actually sit in the toilet and read for hours which made her parents wonder if there’s anything wrong with her stomach; she would pull the blanket over her head and read the whole night with a torch in her mouth; she would walk on the road and has even once crossed the road reading. She avoided contact with her parents and was constantly bullied at school. After 10 she had changed to a new school, in a new city for her further studies. She despised every moment here, she felt suffocated, different from the rest of the crowd and below all of them. They way the majority of the crowd ignored her presence and few bullied her on the bus ride back home, she couldn’t be blamed, she craved deeper for her books. There was one pretty unique girl like herself, but her clouded eyes couldn’t trust her.

So one of the main reasons she read was because she had a total dislike to the world she lived in and just loved the world in her books, she fantasized day and night about living in a socialized world like that of Jane Austen’s or in a magical world like that of J.K Rowling.  She had a few selected books and stuck to those books until she knew each and every word. What she didn’t realize was that, while she read during the nights she had slowly started to disappear from the real world, she became lesser and lesser, until one night she completely vanished. Where did she go?

Naomi entered the worlds that she loved. For the first time she entered Netherfield park, walked with Elizabeth, met the charming Darcy, heard her complaining about him and saw her falling in love with him. No one asked her who she was nor did she know who she was in that world. But she was part of it from the beginning till the end. Felt lovely to live in such a civilized society.

She took the Hogwarts train, stood beside Harry, Hermione, and Ron through all the up’s and down, felt alive and knew for the first time the value of friendship; took a silent revolution against Umbridge and fought the battle of Hogwarts.

She walked down the brick laid paths of Baker Street, discovered things even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself failed to notice, found the truth even before Sherlock Holmes and stood awake all night with Dr. Watson to help him complete his book, so that he would not miss even a single note.

Naomi was beyond happy, she had to just somehow cross through her daily walk through hell, her everyday routine; go to school, despise everyone, curse them, get bullied, do your homework, eat your food and then she sleep or live. Life is not just breathing, it’s enjoying every moment you breathe and the only moment Naomi felt a joy while she took a breath was when she read through the pages lying on her bed. Realizing her power she stepped out of her selected few books and took a chance of reading the rest. She started reading history, science, the bible and so on. Unaware she was changing the time, place and the events of history by interfering. Also her worlds were getting mixed up. Reading so much her world started to turn into nightmares rather than the lucid dreaming she had experienced before.

While she was reading the sleeping beauty, she entered the room full of lost treasures and memories which she recognized as the room of requirement. From deep inside a voice called out to her and the whispers pulled her closer until she reached the skull cave of phantom. The voice became stronger and more powerful. It hissed “Prick the needle” she found the source, it was Kaa, the long yellowish python from jungle book. But the evil spirit called to her and she walked on to the middle of the treasure and from between those treasures she pricked her finger on that golden needle and fell into a deep slumber from which she has woken up now after long period of 600 years. But having read and changed the course of history, what is she going to find now?


About Menagerie

basically reads a bit, likes to write, eat menageries: more diverse in thoughts rather than in people or things and the first meaning of captivating animals for exhibition has nothing to do with me
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